About Me

I’m a Front-End developer with 7 years of experience. I did web design, developed projects with Adobe Flash AS3 and PHP in the first years of my experience. I actively use what I learn about design and animation, and this knowledges adds value to my work. I am continuing to my career as full-stack developer. I’m working on Node Js and design patterns.

I’m currently using the tools; Node Js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3. I’m developing my projects with ES6 and SASS languages. I use the Webpack tool for bundle my codes. I’m dominate Jquery, React Js, and AngularJs, Angular5 frameworks as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Webstorm programs.

I have projects on the Github platform. Suggest you look. You can contribute to sharing culture by giving support.

I’m a perfectionist. I prefer to develop projects using all my knowledge. I always accept good ideas, throw bad ideas into the garbage. In life there is only one truth about a subject for me. If I encounter a better idea, replace my idea with it. Now the new truth is it.

I like to spend time with my friends. I love listening to music. You can follow my Spotify account. I have an electric guitar that I use to chill out. I like to cook and eat. Sometimes I feel hungry even when I think about food ideas.