About Me

I am a Front-End developer with 8+ years of experience. I started my career by web designing and developing Flash animations using AS3 script language. I have developed small-scale projects using PHP / MYSQL. I started to develop the projects with Javascript because of the unavailability of Flash program. I have possess of today’s front-end development approach and I research on design patterns.

I am actively using Javascript (React Js, Angular 8), HTML5 and CSS3 tools. I am developing my projects using ES6 and SASS languages. I bundle my code  with Webpack tool. I use the Jetbrains Webstorm and PHPstorm program as the Ide software. I make my designs in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I developed a Chome extension using ReactJs and Redux. Its name is Multiple Windows. This extension provide to check your application on development during by opening windows with numerous and different resolutions in a single window. The project is open source and you can access the codes from my Github account.

I have a perfectionist structure. I prefer to produce projects using all my knowledge. There is always a truth about a subject for me. When I compare with the better, I replace that idea with the current idea. In this way, I improve myself quickly in my life.

I like spend time with my friends. Listening to music is as important as drinking water for me. As a amateur I play electric guitar. I like to cook and eat. Sometimes I feel hungry even when I think about food ideas.