About Me

Hello I'm Emre

I’m a Front-End developer with 7 years of experience. I did web design, developed projects with Adobe Flash AS3 and PHP in the first years of my experience. I actively use what I learn about design and animation, and this knowledges adds value to my work. I am continuing to my career as full-stack developer. I’m working on Node Js and design patterns. More…

Personal information

Full Name
16 May 1991
07010, Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkey, TR
+90 545 226 2260


Web Development 80%
Web Design 60%
UX Design 60%

Professional Skills

Css3 / Sass
Javascript / ES5 / ES6
React Js
Angular 1 / Angular5

Professional Skills

Web Storm
Windows 7, 8, 10

Work Experiences

2017 -

Detur Group

Front-end Developer, Web Designer

Detur is a tour operator serving Scandinavian countries. There are four e-commerce sites for for countries. My job is to fulfill requests from country offices. These;

  • To provide ideas that will increase sales.
  • To design and present of places to be revise.
  • Resolve the bugs that occur in the site.

The sites is Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden


Nisvin Technology

Web Developer and Designer

Nisvin develops software for the tourism sector. There are two desktop software. These are Truva Studio For Hotel(Hotel Management System) and Truva Studio For Travel(Travel Agency Management System). My job,

  • To develop web-side sections of the programs.
  • To provide the support and training of web based software that I developed.
  • To make and develop responsive web design

Çete Interactive

Flash Animator, Front-end Developer

Çete is an interactive agency. It aims to reach the customers’ goals by developing creative ideas. My job,

  • To develop Flash animation.
  • To develop the front end in the middle level.
  • To provide technical support for the customers I am responsible for.
  • To do preliminary research before the project starts.

Prizma Software Tourism and Consultant

Web Developer and Designer - Volunteer

Prizma provides software development and consultancy services to the tourism sector. My job;

  • To develop Flash animation.
  • To make web design, corporate design.
  • To develop the front end.


Front-end Developer, Flash Animator - Volunteer

Ant is an advertising agency. There corporate identity works are designing. Google, Facebook and instagram ads are making. Digital solutions are procuding. My job;

  • To develop Flash animation
  • To do web design in the middle level
  • To provide customer support.


  • Food
  • Music
  • Walk

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